Certainty and Uncertainty Expressions

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Bellow are some common expressions/phrases used to talk about CERTAINTY:

He must be success
She was pale. Now she is absent. She must be sick
I”m absolutely sure
I’m quite sure
I’m certain
I’m positive
of course.

And these are common phrases used to express UNCERTAINTY:

it’s possible,
it’s impossible,
it might be,
it might not be,
it could happen
I wouldn’t like to say for certain.
I’m not sure
I doubt it.
I have my own doubts.
it’s doubtful.
It’s highly / very unlikely.
you never know of course,
no one can know for certain.
I can’t tell you for sure.


Certainty is the state of being completely confident or having no doubt about something. However, uncertainty is when nothing is ever decided or sure.

This video learning is clearly show how modal “must” is used to talk CERTAINTY in English speaking. Watch it..

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