English Listening Practice with Story of Thumbelina

Beside music for listeningpractice, we can increase our listening skill through hearing a story. Most people like to hear a story, when the story is recorded in audio MP3 file, then it is interesting to hear the story as well as practice our English listening skill The story of Thumbelina is a fairy tale for kid story. This story is magical seed which grows in big flower and appear a small beautiful girl. Hearing to the story of Thumbelina is surely increase our listening skill of English This narrative story of Thumbelina was given in listening test for UN ( national examination) SMA-MA 2009. Practicing to listen English story will help us to improve our English listening skill. Now let’s listen to the story! Click the icon play below!


The story of Thumbelina Transcript
There was once a poor woman who wished very much to have a little child. She went to a fairy god mother who lived near the green meadow in the valley.
The woman received a barleycorn seed from the fairy. She went home and planted it in a flower pot. Several days latter, the seed grew up into a large beautiful flower.
Surprisingly, the woman saw a little girl inside the flower. The sweet little girl was as long as a thumb. The woman gave her the name of Thumbelina because she was so small.

That is the story of Thumbelina, It is a kind of narrative text which is written or spoken in a story. This audio file MP3 of Thumbelina story is good at bed time for kids. Hopefully we keep having motivation for learning English listening.

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