Example of Analytical Exposition in Jakarta Issue

Example of Analytical Exposition is one exposition classified type as hortatory text in English genres. Both analytical exposition and hortatory exposition present arguments for supporting the issued thesis. What makes them different from one to each other is the last stage of the text, which the analytical exposition will end with a re-iteration. In the other hand, hortatory will close the essay with a recommendation. Analytical exposition will try to influence the reader by presenting some arguments to prove that the writer’ idea is important. Furthermore, hortatory will try to persuade the reader how should or not do concerning the writer’s idea. Now let’s see the following example of analytical exposition!

Jakarta as a Bad Working Place for Expatriatesexample of analytical exposition - Jakarta

Jakarta is the second-worst place for expatriates to work in outside of the United States of America, Canada and Western Europe. It is according to a recent report published by Businessweek.

The Businessweek report ranked emerging markets that might be challenging to move into due to their level of pollution, disease, political violence and availability of good and services.

The report ranked Jakarta second, just below Lagos in Nageria and above Riyadh Saudi Arabia, saying the threat of violence from extremest, in particular, was serious drawback to living in Jakarta. Bombings targeting foreign interests in Jakarta, such as the JW Marriot hotel bombing in 2003, have been repeated elsewhere in the city.

The report said despite problem common to many developing cities such as the risk of disease, poor sanitation, and excessive pollution, Indonesia can be an enticing location.

In response, the Jakarta administration took the report positively, saying it could spur the administration to improve its performance.

(Simplified from www.thejakartapost.com/news/2009/04/15/)

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