Expressing Surprised in English

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Showing surprised in English: Surprised expressions are commonly related to a situation which makes us disbelieve and have interest expression. Most English native speakers often use short interrogatives in speech as a way to express attention, interest, or surprise. Below is the sample!

Example 1
Mike: The party was terrible.
Andrew: Was it?
Mike: Yes, I had a horrible time! There was no music!”

Example 2
Dina: Gina had a nice vacation.
Widy: Did she?
Dina: Yes, she went to the Galapagos Islands.

Example 3
Anton: I’ve seen that movie five times already.
Rio: Have you?
Anton: Yes, with my sister. She loves Harrison Ford.

Example 4
Winda: I don’t understand the assignment.
Tina: Don’t you? Here, let me explain!
Have you noticed that the phrases “wash it?”, “did she?”, “have you?”, and “don’t you?” are lesson of question tags? For more detail you can see:

Beside the short interrogative speech, some certain expressions are used to talk about surprised feeling. Here are the samples:

That’s very surprising.
What a surprise!
My goodness
I find that very surprising.
I must say it surprises me.
I find it extraordinary.
How very surprising.
I must say it surprises me.

how to express sirprised in English

Facial expression when someone is surprised

Now we give you 3 short conversation which show how surprised expression is used. Take a look on the following short dialogues!

Example 1 Expressing Surprised
ANTON : I think you should know that, though it is not easy to tell you, about what I saw two days ago.
BAYU : You really succeed to make me curious. Common just tell me what you saw.
ANTON : I saw Nita in a restaurant. She, your girl friend, and her boy friend were having dinner in a romantic way.
BAYU : Are you kidding? I don’t believe it. That couldn’t be true.

Example 2 Expressing Surprised
CINDY : Hi, Dewi. Where is Johan now? I have not seen him him for three days.
DEWI : Have you known that Johan is sick? He gets fever. He has been hospitalized.
CINDY : Are you sure? You must be kidding me. I called him yesterday.
DEWI : Yes I was in the hospital when you called him yesterday
CINDY : Oh, Really? I never realize it.

Example 3 Expressing surprised
EMMA : What happen with your Fida?
FIDA : I got accident when I drove my car yesterday.
EMMA : What? Oh, my god! How could it be?
FIDA : I was on my way home alone when suddenly a truck hit my car from behind

Well, that’s all about showing surprised in English. For other expressions, you can brows speaking lessons. Happy learning English. Keep practice!

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