Expression of Preferences

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How to Ask Preference
* Which do you prefer tea or coffee?
* Which do you prefer drinking science or physics?
* Which do you prefer to drink juice or mineral water? (Notice: prefer to + present simple)
* Which do you like better basketball or football?
* Do you prefer pizza or spaghetti?
* Would you prefer to eat a cake or a fruit?
* Would you rather eat a cake or a fruit?

How to Answer Question about Preference
* I prefer baseball.
* I’d prefer to drink juice
* I’d rather drink mineral water
* If I had a choice, I would eat a sandwich.
* A cup of coffee would be suitable.

Useful Pattern (prefer, would prefer, would rather)
Followed by a different verb form:
“I prefer living in a city.” (followed by the gerund; the ‘-ing’ ending)
“I would prefer to be told the truth.” (followed by the infinitive; to+ the verb)
“Would you rather stay at a hotel?” (followed by the base form of the verb; the verb without ‘to’.

prefer, would prefer – go with ‘to’
“I’d prefer living in a city to living in the country.”
“I would (I’d) prefer being alone to being with the wrong person”.

would rather – goes with ‘than’
“I would (I’d) rather talk to him in person than call him on the phone.”

See a video learning about talking preference. It will give better understanding in English speaking especially making preference.

This English expression on how to talk preference is taken from:,_would_prefer,_would_rather%29

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