Free Download Audio MP3 and OGG File Stories of Aesop’s Fable

Free English Course – Listening to a story is one of simple and effortless ways to improve our English listening skill. There are a lot of stories out there which can help us to learn English. This stories also give us valuable moral teaching.
The stories which can be listened which are in audio MP3 and OGG files are mostly from Aesop’s fable. Aesop  which stated lived 620–564 BC was  known as a fabulist or story teller. In many of the stories, animals can speak or have  the human characteristics. The stories which you can download as MP3 or OGG story and be listened  are:
The Story of The Fox and The Grapes

Aesop fable download

Download audio and script of Aesop Fables – Flickr

The Story of The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs
The Story of The Cat and the Mice
The Story of The Mischievous Dog
The Story of The Charcoal-Burner and The Fuller
The Story of The Mice in Council
The Story of The Bat And The Weasels
The Story of The Dog and The Sow
The Story of The Fox And The Crow
The Story of The Horse and the Groom
The Story of The Wolf and the Lamb
The Story of The Peacock And The Crane
The Story of The Cat And The Birds
The Story of The Spendthrift and the Swallow
The Story of The Old Woman and the Doctor
The Story of The Moon and her Mother
The Story of Mercury and the Woodman
The Story of The Ass, The Fox, and The Lion
The Story of The Lion And The Mouse
The Story of The Crow And The Pitcher
The Story of The Boys and The Frogs
The Story of The North Wind and The Sun
The Story of The Mistress and Her Servants
The Story of The Goods and The Ills
The Story of The Hares and The Frogs

All these stories are recorded both in MP3 and OGG files. If you want to listen these stories, you can see the detail  and how to download them from
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