How to Cook with Microwave Oven – Example of a Procedure Text

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Instruction is the best example of procedure text. Remember that procedure text is mostly organized in GOAL, MATERIAL, and STEPS. To write a procedure text, we have to be very familiar with imperative sentences and this is why a procedure text is also called instruction text. Lets see the following example of a procedure text. This time the procedure text is about an instruction to use a cooking ware.
How to Cook with Microwave Oven
When you want to cook with a microwave oven, you need the following things:
• plate, non metal plate
• food

How to cook with a microwave oven?  here are the steps:
• Wash your hands. Remember to be clean before cooking
• Then connect to the electrical supply
• After that, put the food into the microwave
• Don’t forget to decide how long it will heat the food
• Press the button to start heating the food
• Wait for the beep sound. It indicates the cooking process is done
• Finally, take out the food and enjoy it
• Don’t forget to wash hands after cleaning the working area

Photo of early microwave oven is taken from here

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