How to Describe People in English

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Describing people can be like the following expressions. Describing people can be very basic lesson to learn English. It is commonly used frequently in daily conversation. In listening test, the topic of describing people is often asked. Let’s learn how to describe people in English.

Describing personality and appearance can be such:
Tell me about your mother.
Well, she’s very friendly, smart and funny.

What kind of person is she?
She’s young, short and beautiful.

What does she look like?
Se has straight black hair and blue eyes.

What does your friend look like?
She is tall, thin and beautiful.

How about your little brother?
He has blonde hair and wears glasses.

Describing clothing can be such:
What is your father wearing?
He’s wearing light brown pants and an orange t-shirt.

What kind of shoes does Anton have?
Sneakers, and he’s wearing white socks.

Is Sue wearing a dress?
No. She’s wearing a blue skirt and a yellow blouse.

Anything else she wears?
Yes. She’s wearing boots and carrying a purse.

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