Kumpulan Lengkap Contoh Text Spoof Terbaik

Kumpulan lengkap contoh text spoof dalam bahasa Inggris adalah topik kita kali ini. Masih ingat apa itu spoof text? Apa elemen utama sebuah teks spoof. Kenapa sebuah cerita itu dianggap teks spoof dan bukanya narrative saja? Mari belajar bersama.

Salah satu pengarang cerita spoof text

Dr. Seuss, Penulis yang dikenal banyak menghasilkan cerita-cerita berbentuk spoof text

Now this post is for you who are learning and seeking some examples of funny story in spoof text. Below are 13 samples of text which can be labeled as spoof text. You can read as your pre-building idea in case you are doing your school homework in English lesson. Besides that reading funny story is also very enjoyable as it attracts us more to know what is going on in the story. Text of spoof  is ridiculous, funny, odd, strange, and of course twisting.

Unsur utama dalam tks spoof adalah tak terduga suspense twisting

Takterduga sebagai Unsur Spoof Text: writeitsideways.com

The complete collection below show you how interesting the stories are.  Spoof text can be tricky as it has an unpredictable ending. This unpredictable ending is called Twist. Because of the unpredictable ending of the story, it can be very funny and amusing. The following is the list of examples of spoof text:
1. Time to go to school
2. Too much love money
3. The job of the zoo
4. The phone is not connected yet
5. Abu Nawas saved by stilts
6. It’s none of your business
7. The lucky coat
8. Penguin in the park
9. A smart Potato Farmer
10. The Necklace Story
11. Horseman in the sky
12. Perfect husband
13. Honey, what’s for supper?

Most of examples in spoof text are funny stories. Why a spoof text is labelled as a funny story? The answer is because a spoof text should end the story with an unpredictable ending. This unpredictable ending in that story is called TWIST. The element of TWIST in the story is very crucial as without it, the text can not be labeled as spoof text.
Well, that’re the 13 examples of spoof text. Hopefully they can help you in learning English especially who are doing the homework. Isn’t reading an English funny story interesting?

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