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Free English Course – Learning English from VOA (Voice of America) is easy and fast to do. This special learn English program globally help ESL students to improve their English skill. Because it slowly spoken and good articulation, it greatly helps to increase English listening skill. The best thing is the the third party which provide the easy installation software to download free.

This VOA special learning English software contain all 11 topics which has been broadcasted by the VOA special English. When you have download this English software, you just need to install to your computer with easy steps. Then you can listen the audio file included and see the written script displayed. The player is simple and easy operated which you can play pause replay as many time as you want. It is really the new easy way to improve your listening skill with special learning English program.

learning English with VOA

Situs VOA special English program

The topics of the VOA special English which you can download by using this free software are:
1. Education Reports: This VOA Special English in  Education Reports contains 45 lessons about various discussion in education field
2. The News: This VOA Special English in The News covers 45 lessons which present the updated and interesting news.
3. Development Reports: This VOA Special English in Development Reports has 48 lessons which help you to practice learning and listening English about development report.
4. Economics Reports: This VOA Special English in Economics Reports presents 48 lessons. It is good materials for practicing listening English for economic terms and vocabularies.
5. Health Report: This VOA Special English in Health Report gives 45 lessons which good in developing our English listening especially for healthy terms and vocabularies.
6.  Agriculture Reports: This VOA Special English in Agriculture Reports contain 48 lessons to improve our listening skill in the topic of agriculture.
7. America Mosaic: This VOA Special English in America Mosaic contains 45 lessons. It is best for practice listening English and get rich knowledge about American.
8. Science in the news: This VOA Special English in Science in the news gives 41 lessons concerning about hot topic of science development.
9. The making of a nation: The VOA Special English in The making of a nation gives 45 lessons. Who gets interested about the historical nation of America. This material is best to listen.
10. People In America: This VOA Special English in People In America presents 45 lessons  about famous and interesting fact about people in America.
11. This is America: This VOA Special English in This is America contains 45 lessons which help you to practice learning and listening English for everything about America.

VOA Special English Program from Voice of America has become a very popular tool for teaching English. And this free download software make us easier to learn and practice our listening. The software is separated int each topic, so you can download which topic you need. If you are interested to download this VOA Special English Software, go to this link. Well happy learning English!

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