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Salah satu contoh objective text dalam bahasa Inggris adalah report. Sedangkan subjective text bisa seperti analytical exposition. 10 Contoh report text dibawah terdiri dari berbagai macam topik. Semoga membantu dalam memahami jenis teks, kinds of text, atau genres yang menjadi inti pelajaran bahasa Inggris di sekolah menegah.

pengertian dan contoh report text bahasa inggris

Definisisi dan Contoh report text

A report text describes something in general, not a specific participant. When we describe a cat in general, for example, the writing seems to be a report text. On the other hand, if we talk and describe a cat which lives in our house, for example, then the text belongs to a descriptive. For more detail, read what is a report text in my previous post.

Kumpulan contoh report text bahasa Inggris berbagai topik

10 contoh report text berbagai topik

Sebagai awalan, mari kita lihat contoh-contoh dibawah ini:

Contoh Report Text Tentang Media
Do you know what is media? What do people make benefits from it?
Media consists of various constantly updated streams which become the most important thing at the present time.
Media creates, produces, and delivers products to viewers. They can be news, weather reports, research info, TV shows, musics, films, even communication channels such as phone calls and chats.
The primary purpose of the media is to make money by advertising the products and services.

Lagi berikut adalah contoh pendek report text tentang binatang:

Contoh Report Text  Tentang Hewan Unta
Camel is a large and strong animal which is commonly seen in desert.
There are two kinds of camel; Arabian camel and Bactrian camel. The first kind of camel has one hump and the second has two humps.
Camel are able to travel in great distances across hot and dry deserts with little food or water. They walk easily on soft sand the desert.
Camels are trained as means of transportation by carrying people and loads on their backs. They also serve the people of the desert in many other ways.

Nah untuk melengkapi koleksi jenis tesks yang bersifat laporan ini, kita tambahkan lagi 10 contoh report text bahasa Inggris tentang binatang, gejala alam, social dan lainnya.  Remember some examples of report text which describe animals, natural phenomena and other subjects can be very useful to learn passive voice. So let’s see the following example of report text:

The following examples of report text which talk about animal:

1. Bird
2. Elephant
3. Komodo Dragon
4. Platypus

The following examples of report text which are about natural phenomena and disasters:

1. Earthquake
2. Volcano
3. Tornado

The following examples are report text about other topics:

1. Mangrove Tree
2. Football play
3. Human Body Energy

Additionally, if you want to know the difference between report text and descriptive text, read the post below:

What is the difference between report text and descriptive text

Those are 10 contoh- examples of report text in English. Hopefully they can help you gain better understanding in learning English text, especially text types of report.

Beberapa contoh report text bahasa Inggris diatas telah dilengkapi dengan definisi dan analisa generic structure. Meski begitu menjadi siswa dan pembelajar yang cerdas tetap diutamakan. Pelajari contoh-contoh diatas dan tetap mengedepankan daya kritis. Happy learning English

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