30 Prompts for Creative Writing Descriptive Text

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Have you aver got difficulty to start writing descriptive text? If your answer is yes, well, you are not alone facing this problem. However there are many references which helps you how to gain courage in writing descriptive text. And below is one of prompts of how instantly start you topic of descriptive articles.30 helpful prompts to start writing descriptive text

Descriptive text is simply making readers see, hear, smell, feel, or taste the thing which being described by the writer. It is the writer job to make sure that the reader got the self experience on the thing being described.
Some times, it is not easy to decide what subject would be good to be the object of writing descriptive. Below is the list of 30 prompts which you can use to write your descriptive text
1. Describe the worst food you have ever eaten.
2. Describe your favorite kind of pizza.
3. Describe something that makes you feel happy.
4. Describe the perfect birthday cake.
5. Describe your favorite kind of cookies.
6. Describe your most embarrassing moment.
7. Describe your ideal bedroom.
8. Describe your favorite relative.
9. Describe a pet that you would like to have.
10. Describe how it feels to walk in sand.
11. Describe a sound that you do not like.
12. Describe how it feels to be loved.
13. Describe what happens to your body when you are nervous.
14. Pretend that you lost a pet. Describe your pet so that someone can find it.
15. Describe the ocean.
17. Describe how you feel after winning a game, a prize, or a race.
18. Describe a picture in a book from top to bottom.
19. Describe a picture in a book from left to right.
20. Describe how it feels to be very hot or very cold.
21. Describe an alien that visited you from outer space.
22. Describe Earth to a pen pal in outer space.
23. Describe your home.
24. Describe the shoes that you are wearing today.
35. Describe your school.
26. Describe your classroom.
27. Describe a typical school lunch.
28. Describe a sunset that you have seen.
29. Describe a car from the future.
30. Describe a hug.

Thatt are the 30 helpful prompts you can use for your creative writing especially a descriptive text
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