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Tempat wisata pantai bisa menjadi salah satu contoh descriptive text terbaik. Sebagaimana bayak dinyatakan tentang pelajaran jenis teks bahasa Inggris, descriptive text bisa bertopik orang, sesutau, dan tempat. Untuk itu kali ini kita sajikan 5 contoh teks descriptive khusus tentang tempat wisata pantai (beach vacation). Disamping sebagai media memahami teks bahasa Inggris, siapa tahu menambah pengetahuan kita tentang tempat-tempat menarik untuk dikunjungi ketika liburan.
Dalam pembahasan pengertian descriptive text, setiap contoh textnya rata-rata mengikuti susunan paragraf sebagaimana beriktut:
1. Identification: Apa yang mau dideskripsikan didalam teks tersebut.
2. Description: Hal hal yang banyak dibicarakan untuk mengambarak object yang dimaksud. Umumnya akan berupa bagian, kualitas, dan ciri-cir objek yang sedang dibicarakan.
Agar lebih sempuran pemahaman kita, langsung saja mari kita lihat 5 contoh descriptive text bahasa Inggris tentang tempat wisata dalam bahasa Inggris berikut.

1. Contoh Descriptive Text Tempat Wisata – Caneel Bay

Contoh descriptive text tentang tentang tempat wisata - Caneel Bay: commons.wikimedia.org

Contoh descriptive text tentang tentang tempat wisata – Caneel Bay: commons.wikimedia.org

Caneel Bay of the Caribbean offers beautiful surroundings, luxury service, and gourmet dining. This exclusive beach resort is nestled within the 5,000 acre Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands.
Caneel Bay offers seven secluded beaches – Honeymoon Beach, Caneel Beach, Little Caneel Beach, Paradise Beach, Scott Beach, Turtle Bay Beach, and the Hawk’s Nest Beach. The resort is set on its own peninsula and also surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
The resort of Caneel Bay offers 166 guest rooms and cottages furnished with hand crafted furniture, woven fabrics, natural wood, and native stone. The guest rooms also offer patios and balconies that overlook the beaches or resort gardens.
There ara also several restaurants and bars that range from fine dining to casual meals. The restaurants include the Turtle Bay Estate House, Beach Terrace, The Equator, Starlight Terrace, and the Caneel Bay Bar.
For those who are looking to work on their vacation, Caneel Bay offers a business center complete with computers, high speed internet access, printers, data ports, and even telephones that offer free local calling.
There are many different things to do here while on Caneel Bay vacation, including snorkeling, nature walks, hiking, sailing, kayaking in the sea, wind surfing, scuba diving, and swimming.

2. Contoh Descriptive Text Tempat Wisata – Cocoa Beach Florida

contoh descriptive text bahasa inggris tentang tempat wisata pantai

Contoh descriptive text tentang tempat wisat pantai – Cocoa Beach: Commons.wikimedia.org

Cocoa Beach Florida is knowns as the perfect beach town. It is an hour drive east of Orlando on Florida’s amazing Space Coast. The drive here is almost as beautiful as the beach.
Cocoa Beach is one of the most affordable beach vacations in Florida. There are a lot of things to or see in and around Cocoa Beach. Besides the fun in the sun, Space Coast offers you the chance to go deep sea fishing or parasailing, river tour and getting up close and with the awesome wildlife of Florida.
While at Cocoa Beach, tourists can also visit the Kennedy Space Center, the Brevard Zoo, or spend some time shopping. They are within short driving distance to all of the Orlando attractions, and drive back to Cocoa Beach at night to enjoy dinner in one of the many dining spots on the beach.
When night sets in, tourists can travel back and enjoy the nightlife on the beach that ranges from cool jazz clubs to beach side cafes. There are some facilities to stay the night with perfect accommodations and wake up to a breathtaking sunrise on the beach.
With plenty offers, tourist or businessmen who like beach vacation, Cocoa Beach is the best place to consider. They will find exactly what they have been looking for.

3. Contoh Descriptive Text Tempat Wisata – Laguna Beach California

contoh descriptive text tentang pantai

Contoh descriptive text tempat wisata pantai – Laguna Beach: Commons.wikimedia

Laguna Beach California is situated midway between Los Angeles and San Diego in southern Orange County, Laguna Beach is a popular weekend vacation in Southern California.
Offering seven miles of coastline with sandy beaches and palm trees, Laguna Beach is the perfect beach vacation. There are 30 beaches and coves that visitors can explore either on foot or by kayak. The activities include sailing, bird watching, beach volleyball, surfing, and even scuba diving.
Laguna Beach is also a perfect place to enjoy warm weather with an average high of 69 degrees in January and 77 degrees in July. Popular activities can be done here include romantic picnics, hiking, cycling, tennis, golf, and even botanical garden tours.
With the perfect weather, Laguna Beach in California offers the perfect location for beach vacation. Kids enjoy playing in the sand at one of the several beaches, while parents enjoy sun bathing .
Laguna Beach is also home to an active artist community with almost 100 galleries that showcase art pieces by local and international artists. There are many festivals here in the summer, some of which are known around the world.
For those who enjoy shopping, Laguna Beach offers a wide selection of unique shops that sell hand crafted jewelry, antiques, and other things that tourists won’t find anywhere else.

4. Contoh Descriptive Text Tempat Wisata – Waikiki Beach

contoh descriptive text tentang tempat

Waikiki Beach – Contoh Descriptive Text Tempat Wisata Pantai: Commons.wikimedia

Waikiki Beach is located on Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous and well known beaches in the entire world, with luxurious hotels and beach clubs set right on the beach.
Waikiki Beach is also known for its gentle waves which are ideal for beginner surfers. Tourists can rent surboards and gear on the beach, even take lessons if you have never surfed before. Other activities on this beach vacation include kayaking, swimming, and outrigger canoeing.
Besides water sport facilities, Waikiki beach also provide delicious foods. There are several restaurants located right on Waikiki Beach, such as Duke’s Canoe Club and the Surf Room. When the evening sets in, a romantic dinner can be enjoyed while the sun set over the beautiful and amazing Pacific Ocean.
As tourists travel along the beach from west to east beginning in Diamond Head, they will encounter several first class hotels such as Hilton Hawaiian Village, Sheraton Waikiki, Outrigger Hawai, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and several others.
If you’ve been looking for the ideal place for your beach vacation, you shouldn’t hesitate to go to Waikiki beach.

5. Contoh Descriptive Text Tempat Wisata – Huntington Beach California

contoh descriptive tempat wisata pantai bahasa inggris

Huntington Beach sebagai contoh descriptive text tentang tempat

Huntington Beach California is one of the very best getaways for a beach vacation in California. It is a seaside city locate in Orange County in Southern California. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the southwest, by Seal Beach on the northwest, by Costa Mesa on the east, by Newport Beach on the southeast, by Westminster on the north, and by Fountain Valley on the northeast.
Huntington Beach California is known for its long 8.5-mile (13.7 km) beach, mild climate, and excellent surfing. The waves are a unique natural effect caused by edge-diffraction of ocean swells by the island of Catalina, and waves from distant hurricanes.
With many diverse sports such as surfing, biking, boating, skateboarding, fishing, golf, tennis, and beach volleyball , everyone can get into the game and find something to enjoy. There are other interesting place to visit such as International Surfing Museum, the Huntington Beach art center, and the surfers hall of fame.
Kids of all ages will enjoy a trip to Huntington Central Park, which is one of the largest city parks in Southern California. With picnic tables, barbeques, restaurants, sports complex, the Adventure Playground, and even a golf course, this is a great place to spend some time away from the beach.
With a lot of offers, Huntington Beach is one of the best areas of Southern California to consider to have vacation.

Begitulah 5 contoh descriptive text tempat wisata pantai dalam bahasa Inggris ini. Saat ini masih belum disertakan analisa generic structure dari kelima teks deskripsi itu. Kalau ada pembaca yang membantu disampaiakan banyak terima kasih. Akhirnya selamat belajar bahasa Inggris semoga sukses.

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