5 Contoh Monolog Giving Instruction

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Giving instruction mejadi salah satu topik dalam percakapan bahasa Inggris (English conversation). Cara memberi intruksi bisa berupa cara memberi petunjuk, cara memberi perintah, dan cara memberi aba-aba. Materi ini erat kaitanya denagan kalimat imperative dan genre procedure text.

Giving instruction = Imperative speech

Giving Instruction 1 – Class Secrets
Get the group together and ask for a volunteer to leave the room! Once they’ve gone, think of a ‘secret’ about that person, for example, it’s their birthday, or they’re having an affair with the college principal. That kind of thing. When they come back in, they have to guess the secret truth about themselves by asking questions. The rest of the group give clues. A great icebreaker, this one always raises a laugh.

Giving Instruction 2 – Simon Says
A party game that works well with English students as a way of practising listening to and understanding commands. The teacher says a number of simple commands, such as, ‘Put your hands on your head!’, ‘Stand on one leg!’ or ‘Start humming!’, and the students have to do what you say – but only if you have prefaced the command with ‘Simon says…’. If you don’t say ‘Simon says…’ and the student follows the command, they are out, and the game resumes until there is a winner.

Giving Instruction 3 – Party Invitations
The whole class sits in a circle! Tell them that it’s your birthday next week and that you’re planning a birthday party. They are all invited… but on one condition. They must bring you a present, and it must be something that you really want. Each student in turn tells you what they will bring to give you on your birthday. You will either tell them that they can come, or that they are not invited. This depends on what they offer to bring you. The item they’re going to bring must begin with the same letter as your first name. If it does, they can come; if it doesn’t, they can’t. For example, if your name is Lucy and they offer to bring ‘a lemon’ as a present, they will be welcome. If they offer to bring ‘a bottle of wine’ they will be given short shrift! This game is hilarious, as some students will twig onto your ‘unspoken rule’ fairly early on, while some won’t get it at all, however obvious you make it!

Giving Instruction 4 – Something’s Different
Get the whole class together! Ask one of them to leave the room, then get the remaining students to change five things about the classroom. For example, you could put a chair on a table, or get two students to swap jumpers, or anything – so long as it’s not too subtle. Then bring the student back in and get them to guess what changes you have made.

Giving Instruction 5 – Whispering Trees
Get the students standing in a line! Stand at one end and whisper a short phrase or sentence in the ear of the student next to you. For example, you could say, ‘My dad once met Bernard Cribbins in a bus queue in Dover.’ Each student repeats the phrase to their neighbour until you get to the end of the line, when the last student tells the class the sentence they heard, and you can reveal what the original sentence was. A good game for practising listening and speaking skills.

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