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Contoh text report tentang bunga berikut sering sekali kita butuhkan dalam mempelajari jenis teks bahasa ingris yang berjenis laporan. Teks report ditulis berdasakan hasil observasi dan penelitian, makanya teks ini bersifat ilmiah dan ditulis apa adanya, tidak banyak dipengaruhi oleh opini penulisnya sendiri. Hal ini berbeda dengan jenis teks yang besifat subjective seperti narrative yang banyak dioleh dari hasil pemikiran dan pengalaman penulisnya.

Generic Structure Report Text Bahasa Inggris

Tiap jenis teks mempunyai fungsi dan cara penyusunan yang berbeda. Report text akan selalu ditulis berdasarkan struktur sebagai berikut:
General identification: Identifikasi terhadap objek yang akan dibicarakan. Umumnya objek yang dimaksud bersifat umum alias tidak spesifik.
Descriptions: Gambaran atau cirri-ciri objek yang sedang dibahas. Biasanya fase ini akan ditulis banyak mengenai bagian-bagian (parts), kebiasaan (custom), dan fungsi atau kegunaan (usage).
Meski begitu dalam berapa contoh tulisan yang besifat laporan yang bisa kita temukan dalam majalah atau Koran bahasa Inggris, struktur paragraph seperti diatas tidak selamanya diaplikasikan secara kaku. Untuk memeperjelas, mari kita lihat 6 contoh teks report bahasa Inggris tentang bunga berikut. Jenis bunga yang dibahas adalah jenis bunga yang popular kita kenal disekitar kita.

1. Contoh Report Text Tentang Bunga Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris Tentang Bunga Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom: Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris

Cherry Blossom
Have you ever wondered how beautiful Japanese scenes are? Most of them are seen and dominated by the the beauty cherry blossom.
Cherry blossom has scientific name as Genus Prenus. It has been called as Sakura in Japan. Cherry blossom belongs to the Rosacea family.
Now days, Cherry blossom is seen in some varieties such as; Yama Zakura, Oshima Sakura, Amerika Sakura and many other types.
The main characteristic of cherry blossom is on the way it grows. The flower grows earlier than the leaves. Cherry blossom have many colors. There are white, little pink, and red.
Mostly cherry blossoms grow in moist low and highland. A place with a little bit moist and is protected from sunlight is best for its natural habitat.
Diolah dari: http://lifah28blog.blogspot.com/2014/03/contoh-report-text-di-bawah-ini.html

2. Contoh Report Text Bunga Mawar (Rose)

Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris tentang bunga rose

Rose: Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris

If you are in love, you may remember a rose. It is a symbol of romantic thing. However do you know the nature of this beautiful flower?
Rose is in a family of Rosaceae. The flower is large and showy. The colours range from white through yellows and reds. Most species of rose are native to Asia,
Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Rose plants can grow in different size from compact, miniature, to climbers which reach 7 meters in height.
The popular species of roses are Banksianae, Caninae, Carolinae, Chinensis, Gallicanae. Banksianae is a rose flower from China which is white and yellow. Caninae is a species from Asia, Europe and North Africa which is pink and white. Carolinae is known from North America which has a white, pink, and bright pink colour. Chinensis is a white, pink, yellow, red and mixed-color rose from China and Burma. Gallicanae is a species of roses from western Asia and Europe which is pink to crimson.
Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They have been also used for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops.
Diolah dari: http://bilaraa.blogspot.com/2012/09/report-text-rose.html

3. Contoh Report Text Tentang Bunga Anggrek (Orchid)

Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris tentang orchid

Orchid: Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris

Orchidaceae are a family of Monocotyledon. They have a single sleeding leaf and their floral part in trees. Orchid family is the largest plant family which has more than 20.000 unique genera.Orchids are a cosmopolitan family found all the way from within the Arctic circle,the Island South of Autralia, and mostly in Asia.
Most orchids have leave of longitudional parallel with visible crossing. The colour of orchids flower can be varigated and display many different marking like purple,white, yellow, pink, and nearly black hues. Orchids feature thick white roots that illustrate their origin as Epiphites, or the plants that grow on other plants.
Orchids grow in almost all types of environment. They do not grow in soil, but they live on the ground while other grow perched on trees or rocks. Many others now growing in the green houses for sale to public.
The scent of orchids is frequently analysed by parfume to identify potential fragerance chemical. The other important use of orchid is their cultivation for the enjoyment of the flowers. In China, orchids have been used in traditional medicine in an effort to treat many diseases
Orchids have biggest family. The orchids family includes Vanilla, Orchis, and many commonly cultivated plant, such as Palaenopsis and Cattleya
Source: http://numari123.blogspot.com/2014/02/report-text-orchid.html

4. Contoh Report Text Tentang Bunga Melati (Jasmine)

Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris tentang jasmin

Jasmin: Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris

Jasmine is an evergreen semi-vining shrub native to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. The plants are usually up to 3 meters high and 2 meters wide.
Jasmine is a climbing vine with oval, shiny leaves and tubular, waxy-white flowers. It has small white star-shaped flowers. The Jasmine flower releases its fragrance at night after the sun has set and especially when the moon is waxing towards fullness, thus it is associated with soothing peaceful night-time moods. The leaves are oval rich green and have five to nine leaflets, each up to 2½ inches long.
The plant flowers from April to September. Jasmine is propagated by cuttings of nearly ripe wood in summer. Cuttings are planted in 3-inch pots within 4 weeks, then to 6-inches when pot is becoming filled with roots. The soil should be kept moist but well drained for optimum growth. Frequent pruning is required to grow it as a shrub of desired size. Pruning also helps keep an abundance of flowers, since flowers are produced on new wood. It grows in full sun to partial shade. Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer.
Source: http://afmahanibesmile.blogspot.com/2013/08/report-text-about-jasmine-flower.html

5. Contoh Report Text Tentang Bunga Tulip

Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris tentang bunga tulip

Tulip: Contoh Text Report Bahasa Inggris

Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs. The tulip’s large flowers usually bloom on scapes. Most tulips produce only one flower per stem, but a few species bear multiple flowers on their scapes.
The showy, generally cup- or star-shaped tulip flower has three petals and three sepals, which are often termed tepals because they are nearly identical.
Tulip plants can grow as short as 10 cm or as high as 71 cm. Tulip flowers come in a wide variety of colors, except pure blue. Tulip stems have few leaves. Plants typically have 2 to 6 leaves, with some species having up to 12. The tulip’s leaf is strap-shaped, with a waxy coating, and leaves are alternately arranged on the stem.
During the Ottoman Empire, the tulip became very popular in Ottoman territories and was seen as a symbol of abundance. In fact, the era during which the Ottoman Empire was wealthiest is often called the Tulip era or Lale Devri in Turkish. In classic and modern Persian literature, sp ecial attention has been given to these beautiful flowers.
Source: http://kristinaanggi.blogspot.com/2012/08/tulips-flower-report-text.html

6. Contoh Report Text Tentang Bunga Rafflesia Arnoldi

Contoh Text Report Bhasa Inggris tentang bunga raflesia

Rafflesia Arnoldi: Contoh Text Report Bhasa Inggris

Rafflesia Arnoldi Flower
Rafflesia Arnoldi is known as the biggest flower in the world. The name is derived from the British governor General, Sir Thomas Stamford Rafflesia , who gave attention to the botanical garden in Bogor.
The Rafflesia Arnoldi consists of two parts: the stick-like part which grows in the middle and the petals around and below it. It is unusual flower because of its large size. The flower can be 1 meter in diameter and 1.40 meters in height.
The Rafflesia plant begins to flower in its tenth year. It blooms three or four times a year. Before it begins to flower, the leaves and the stem become dry and look dead, but the main root in the ground is still alive. When it blooms, it has an unpleasant smell which attract insect. But when they touch the bottom part, they die.
Source: http://brainly.co.id/tugas/850147

Itulah 6 contoh text report bahasa Inggris tentang bunga yang saya temukan dari beberapa sumber. Secara umum bisa sangat dipahami bahwa jenis teks report ini sangat berbeda dengan jenis descriptive meski berfungsi dan berstruktur hampir sama. Mari tetap bersemangat belajar bahasa Inggris terutama jenis teks.

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