7 Typical Questions to Answer Following Kinds of Text

FreeEnglishCourse.Info – After reading the text, students are given questions to answer. The ability to answer the questions correctly determines whether students understand well or not.  Learning English in high school means learning English text types. There are three main texts in English which students have to accomplish in Learning English.

question to answer for every text types

Questions for text types to answer

The three main categories in English text are short conversation on interpersonal and transactional, short functional text, genres/monolog/essay. All three kind of text will be followed by some questions to answer. These questions are used to determine whether the students have completely understand each text or not.
Some typical question which follow each of English text are:

  • Question about topic of the text. What is topic? topic is a noun phrase which shows what is the text about. Topic is the subject of the text
  • Question about main idea. What is main idea? Main idea is the most important idea of a paragraph. A main idea is commonly written in the first sentence of a paragraph.
  • Question about detail information. It is frequently asked the detail information about an event that happens in the text.
  • Question about certain information. Some specific information inside the text is often asked following the text
  • Question about implied information. It is not stated clearly in the text but we can get the points through some clues given in the text
  • Question about reference. It can be anaphoric or cataphoric reference.
  • Question about word meaning. Understanding text need a lot of vocabularies. Building English vocabulary is the key. without it, it is difficult to answer the question about word meaning, synonym, antonym etc

Remember every types of text can be found through 3 specs. They are goal, generic structure, and language feature. Happy learning.