Back to School Back to Learn English Text Types tries to help you to learn English text types. Nowadays, there are several method to learn English and “Learning English Through Text Based Approach is one of them. This method is applied in many high schools. So if you are students of high schools, you need to see this materials.
kinds of English text - text typese, narrative, descriptive, explanation, discussion etcText types is one of the major topics should be acquired by high school students in Indonesia. The purpose of designing such curriculum in English lesson hopefully leads the students to understand various kinds of text presented and written in English as applicable passages which are found in the student’s daily life.
Of course many functional texts and passages found daily will not formed strictly in single type. It is often found that RECOUNT is mixed with NARRATIVE to communicate with the readers to get the maximum attention and interest. So far, some time Writer combine EXPLANATION and PROCEDURE to show how and why something is formed. Many of them even combine several type theory to build the construction text. Learning several types of text will of course increase understanding of feature and characteristics of each typest. Then if it is caught, it will lead better knowledge in a whole texts.
In many exam material, student should understand and analyze the certain text or passage which they have to determine which text type the passage belongs to. Of course understanding the meaning of the text is absolutely necessary before coming to text types feature. Learning text types will include the generic structure and language feature.
Lets got to school after long holiday season and lets learn text types again. This blog hopefully will be student’s friend in learning English text types