Differences Between Explanation and Procedure Text

FreeEnglishCourse. Info – From the samples for each text given, here is the post about the differences between explanation and procedure text in English genres. We have 13 kinds of text in English which should be studied in high schools. Some times it is clearly seen the differences among each text types however some types are seen identical so we can easily to differentiate. To help identify the difference between explanation and procedure text, here is the guideline.

the differences between explanation text and procedure text

The differences Explanation text and Procedure Text

Seeing the social function, both procedure and explanation have the similarity in which both describe how to make or done something. They give the detail description on something, phenomena, goods, product case or problem.
To see the differences between explanation and procedure, we have to analyze the dominant language feature and how the texts are used.
Procedure Text
This text type is commonly called as instruction text. It uses pattern of commend in building the structure. It use the “to infinitive verb” which is omitted the “to”. It is a kind of instruction text which uses full commend verb. Procedure is commonly used to describe how to make something which is close to our daily activity. For example how to make a cup of tea, how to make a good kite, etc is the best example of the procedure text. It is such word; first boil water, secondly prepare the cup, and so on.
Explanation Text
It is commonly used the passive voice in building the text. Explanation is such a scientific written material. It describes how certain phenomenon or event happen. How a tornado form, how tsunami works are the best example of explanation text. It uses passive pattern in describing the topic.
That’s about the differences between explanation and procedure text which sometime make students confusing to differentiate. Hopefully it help in learning English text.