Building Narrative Text Plot with Complication

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In classical study, narrative texts have generic structure as orientation, complication and resolution. The second element, a complication, is the heart structure of narrative texts. The complication will determine whether the text “lives” or not. If the narrative texts consider as the “live” text, it will arouse the readers. It will intrude to the emotion of the readers.

Commonly a narrative text appears to be a story. In literary term, the complication structure is called conflict. Basically, a conflict is divided into three parts. In any writing, each type will not take place with its own type. Each often combines to one to another in building the story plot.

conflicts in narrative

Physical conflict is the most common complication form in narrative stories:

Physical conflict, or in other word as elemental conflict, is description of man’s struggle to his physical word. It represents man versus nature force, difficulty and danger. How man survives from flood, exploding mount is clear example of physical conflict.

Social conflict is the second type. It will show the struggle of man against his society. It is description of struggle between man and man. Cinderella wants to go to party but her step mother and sisters do not permit her. She eagerly to have the opportunity to meet the prince but her step mother and sister try to block this opportunity and take it for them selves. It is a perfect picture of social conflict.

Internal or psychological conflict is a conflict which happens inside the participant. A man struggles against him self, his conscience, his guilty. He wants to steal money in the other hand he knows that stealing is not good. The fight of stealing money against having good deed is a psychological conflict

The struggle among these conflicts rise verbal and physical attempts. Narrative text will be perfectly composed by these kinds of conflict. Some time it will apply one type but it is often combined with these three kinds of conflict.