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Continuing learning text types, today has another example of explanation text. As we know that explanation is a text in English which explain and describe how something is formed or why the thing is happened. If you are still new in this lesson, read what explanation text is in my previous post.
Because of its function for how and why some examples about diseases, disaster, social phenomena are best written for explanation text. So let’s see the following short sample!

Example of Explanation Text –  Cancer

Example of explanation text about cancer diseases

Explanation on Several kinds of cancer:

What is cancer? It is actually a group of more than one hundred separate diseases. Most of us are fear from cancer It is reasonable because next to heart disease, cancer is the second leading cause of death.
Cancer cells come from normal cells because of mutations of DNA. Those mutations can occur spontaneously. The mutations may be also induced by other factors such as: nuclear and electromagnetic radiation, viruses, bacteria and fungi, parasites, heat, chemicals in the air, water and food, mechanical cell-level injury, free radicals, evolution and ageing of DNA, etc. All such factors can produce mutations that may start cancer.
Cancer cells are formed continuously in the organism. It is estimated that there are about 10,000 cancer cells at any given time in a healthy person. Why do some result in macroscopic-level cancers and some do not? First, not all damaged cells can multiply and many of them die quickly. Second, those which potentially divide and form cancer are effectively destroyed by the mechanisms available to the immune system. Therefore cancer develops if the immune system is not working properly or the amount of cells produced is too great for the immune system to eliminate.


That’s all for explanation text today. If you need more samples, you can see my best examples explanation text collection. Remember, it very closely related to examples procedure text as both are explaining but procedure is written in the mode of instruction.

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