Career in Translation – Analytical Exposition Example

A very short text which can be labeled as analytical exposition to show how potential career bridge when trying the world of translation. This text is arranged in:
1. Thesis
2. Arguments
3. Reorientation
To make it clear, let’s see the following sample!

Analytical Exposition – Career in Translation World

example of analytical expostion about tranlation job

Example of analytical exposition with translation career

Functionally, translation is transferring the message or the meaning and not the word. According to Nida, such translation is called dynamic equivalence translation. It tries to bring the precise message in different language.

Many people like to watch Hollywood movie but many get trouble in understanding to the actors’ dialogue. So the way they get the understanding about the movie is reading the translating text running. If Hindi translation is provided, it will bring the better understanding for Indian moviegoer. Hollywood movie spread over other Asia countries. Therefore, Arabic translation, Indonesian translation and Farsi translation are widely needed and that is a big chance for English master in that countries.

India is likely being an English speaking country. India translation will grow better and. It seems Indonesia, Malaysia and Filipino will reach that mark too soon. Translation job will be great in amount and that is good development for translating job seekers.

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