Classification Essay – Everything You Need to Know

FreeEglishCourse.Info – Classification here is viewed both as a simplification and an organizing tool. By simplification, you break complex notions into a straightforward and uncomplicated grouping and organizing. This also arranges a wide array of data into a coherent order.

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The process involves grouping members with a common attribute under one category. But it goes beyond this simple common sense approach. A consideration of the impetus behind the endeavor must also be explored. Why do you choose to classify the subjects according to a particular attribute?

A Unifying Standard

As expected, every single object or idea has a multitude of attributes and can be classified in a lot of ways. This can cause unduly confusion to the writer and to the reader as well if the former is unable to come to terms with the whole process.

To solve this inevitable complication, you must have a unifying principle in place (i.e. a thesis statement). This helps ensure that you are geared toward a particular direction and that you don’t fall prey to the common mistakes encountered when classifying.

The list includes using too many or too little categories and choosing the wrong set of categories (quantitative and qualitative merits of the categories).

Writing Methodology

Given that you are well equipped in the arena of classification process, we go to the question of writing style. The basic rule is that you must focus on a single specific category in every paragraph. And for each paragraph, you must have a proper labeling (name the category), followed by an indication of the group’s common attributes.

You then name the members of the group after which you illustrate specific examples or situations. Aside from labeling the group members’ similarities, indicate what separates them from those that constitute the other categories or groups (what makes them unique from others?). You can follow this same pattern for every paragraph.

Simple Tips

Do your homework. Gaining a deep knowledge on your topic will make you better at the classifying process and will help you give it a more insightful discussion. So go on, surf through the Internet and be an expert in your chosen topic.

You can also try making your essay more convincing by setting a defining factor that separates it from other papers written in the same style. The knowledge you got from your research should be helpful. You can also go back to the basics by redefining your writing style. For one, you must follow the basic requirement in formal written communication-keep your sentences short.

It goes without saying that your sentences must be clear and concise; also avoid highfalutin words. There really is no need for flowery words in this type of composition. The best route to take is simplicity.

Another basic in written communications-start with a draft and make the necessary revisions. Writing needs a meticulousness factor and a classification essay is not any different.

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