Competence Standard for Listening Test "SKL Bahasa Inggris SMK"

Free English Course – English Competence Standard (SKL) is great reference to make preparation for your listening test. The following is SKL bahasa Inggris SMK 20011, however SKL seems to be very similar form year to year. So I think SKL Bahasa Inggris SMK for UN 2012 (National Examination) will not be so different. In listening Test section, the test will be divided into several parts. They are matching the picture, question and response, short conversation, and short talk.

Competence Standard of Listening Section Test for UN SMK in details

Picture-Listening Test
1. Describing events: The test is mostly about what the action is being done which is shown in the picture.
2. Describing location of things/people: To do the best in this test, student must have good understanding on preposition especially preposition of place
3. Describing things/people’s physical appearance: It is much about the physical description of a person
4. Describing the situation of a place: The test of listening concerns about situation of certain place shown in th picture.

Question and Response-Listening Test
5. Asking for and giving suggestion/request: As the the question in the part 2, The test will be given in giving response of certain suggestion, mostly in a very short conversation.
6. Describing/comparing things: I always make students prepare and study comparison degree grammar lesson.
7. Telling/ describing past events: Past events mean experience and must refer to past tenses in simple past, past continuous, and past perfect tense.
8. Asking for and giving direction or location of a thing/person: How to ask and give direction in English will help much to do the test.

Short Conversation-Listening Test
9. Expressing possibilities/ plans: When we do the test about expressing possibility, it refers to Future Tenses. So study simple present perfect tenses.
10. Talking about daily activities/past events/future activities: Daily activity relates to functional grammar such as Simple Present Tense. So study well about some expressions of habitual activity.
11. Making and taking reservations/giving information about an item: Some conversations about hotel, restaurant, and ticket reservation will help much to get the best result in the test.
12. Comparing things/ Expressing preferences: Preferences and comparisons of object should be completed with lesson of adjective phrases and clauses

Short Talk-Listening Test
13. Describing processes: Process means procedure or steps to do thing completely, it is mostly found in manual guide or recipe.
14. Telling about work experiences/ activities at school or in a business center: Listening to someone’s monologue about his experiences. It can be biography, personal narrative, working experiences, or simple self introduction
15. Announcement / advertisement: Another monologue material can be public notice such as announcement and commercial publications.