Example of News Item Text – Monkey Forest Gets Kalpataru Nomination

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If you are in the first year of high schools, you will learn news item text as compulsory subject in English besides narrative and descriptive text. it is best to learn this kind of text when you want to be a journalist. So it is the time to prepare yourself early. News item text is actually grouped in the label of event teller. Because it basically retells the events which have happened, you should learn several past tenses too, such as Simple Past Tense, Past Continuous Tense, and Past Perfect Tense. It is important to know the verb changes as news item text will tell the events in chronological order.
To know more about news item text, this is another example which we can learn for the purpose of learning English through text-based approach. What happens daily is the best example of news item text. The event must be a newsworthy. There are a lot of events each day but not all of them are newsworthy. Take a look at the following example of news item text.

Example of News Item – Monkey Forest gets Kalpataru Nomination

Ubud: The sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal in Ubud, Gianyar, has been nominated for the Kalpataru Awards 2012 along with other 13 nominees across Indonesia.

Kalpataru Awards are the highest distinction for environment-related achievements by individuals, businesses and places. The Awards are usually presented by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in conjunction with World Environment Day, which falls every June 5.

The Monkey Forest is owned by the village of Padangtegal and is currently under the management of Padangtegal Wenara Wana Foundation. It is home to rare and endangered flora and plants. It is also home to around 605 Balinese long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis).

Together with Udayana University, the foundation identified a number of rare plants in the forest. There are around 115 species of plants, while some of the trees are considered sacred and holy, only being used for spiritual and religious purposes.

Tas Diantoro Hadi, chairman of the Kalpataru Awards National Committee, said that the Monkey Forest was the only candidate from Bali this year. “We will categorize the Monkey Forest as a forest conservation nominee,” he said.

Generic Structure Analysis on News Item Text

How can we believe that any text is labelled as news item? Take a look at that above example! How can we define and find out the text is really a news item? Well the best and easy way to identify whether a text is a news item or not is by seeing the structure. So here is the schematic structure of the sample above

Generic Structure Elements of the Content
News worthy event  The news worthy in that above text is clearly said that the monkey fores in Ubud has been nominated to receive Kalpataru Award.
Background events Background event are elaborating the news worthy event stated in the first paragraph. How the event happens or why the event takes place. It is firstly supported by the second paragraph which explain shortly about kalpataru award. Second elaboration is short information what and who keep and manage monkey forest. Then the background event again states that monkey forest is a place for more and less 115 species of plants
Sources The source in news item text can the witness of event, authority and the participants. Here the authority is as the source as the chairman of kalpataru Award goes to the only one nomination, that is monkey forest in Ubud

So what do you think about this example of news item text? I think we get two benefits when learning such kind of text. First we are learning English, by reading that short news we know some new vocabularies, we know how to arrange paragraphs into good text as a whole. Second, We also know the news, what happens around us. It is good, isn’t it?

Note: This news item text sample is arranged from www.thejakartapost.com/bali-daily/2012-05-11/monkey-forest-gets-kalpataru-nomination.html