Contoh lain Text Hortatory "Watching Kids While Browsing Internet"

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Ini contoh yang lain tentang text hortatory. This is another example of Hortatory exposition
Watch our Kids while Browsing Internet

Internet is one of important devices in student world. We can find many internet cafes anywhere. Actually, many houses have internet connection. As parents, we must know what our children are browsing in internet, because many programs have negative impacts to our children.

In our observation, in internet have positive impact, for example : student can find their task in internet, and we can find update information or news when browsing internet.

Internet also have negative impact if the parents don’t watch their children when browsing internet.

The children can open many program or website that have negative impact, for example, they can open pornography site, game online and the other programs that can make their mark go down in the school. And too much browsing internet can endanger their eyes.

Based on fact above, we have some tips to protect our children:

◊ Don’t put PC and modem set in your kids bedroom

◊ Make a schedule for browsing internet to our children.

◊ Review the history when your children finished browsing internet.

◊ Use filter’s program to negative site in your PC.