Discussion Text: 6 Contoh Terbaik dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Ada 6 contoh discussion text terbaik dalam blog ini. Dianggap terbaik karena menarik dan merujuk pada kesesuaian definisi sebuah text discussion juga sesuai dengan generic structure nya. If you are  high school students or teachers and learning or teaching English text types, you surely have known that a discussion text is presenting 2 different points of view form certain issue. That is the purpose or the social function of a discussion text.

kumpulan contoh discussion text

Contoh discussion text terbaik dalam blog ini

6 contoh discussion text ini menawarkan sebuah gagasan yang menimbulkan pro dan kontra – pros and cons. It brings to the readers a problematic issue. Because of the problematic discourse, the generic structure commonly sets STATEMENT OF ISSUE then presents SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS and also provide with AGAINST ARGUMENTS. After that a discussion text is typically ended with the writer’s RECOMMENDATION.

Contoh Discussion Text Terbaik dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sebelum melihat link 6 contoh discussion text terbaik didalam blog ini, you may want to read again the basic things of a discussion text, you can read what is a discussion text in my previous post. Now let’s see the following 6 examples of discussion texts!

1. The Pros and Cons of National Exam. The existence of national exam which determines whether students succeed or not for 3 years in high school and deserve to hold graduating certificate extremely raises pros and cons. Some agree to the existence of national exam for high school students. On the other hand, a lot of people disagree to the existence of national exam

2. The Pro and Con of Giving Children Homework. This is another example of discussion text. The pros and cons of children homework. Some parents agree that children who go to formal school should be given a homework. It stimulate them to study at home. However, some of parents disagree. children who go to school and have spent all morning in school should have a little free time at their home

3. The advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning. One of the most obvious examples of a discussion text is reading a text which includes the phrase of ” advantage and disadvantage” It means that the text is about certain issue which 2 different sides.

4. The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power. Using nuclear energy always raises a debate. Some agree. the other disagree.

5. The Pro and Con of Hunting Fox. Hunting is exciting activity to spend leisure time. Since  it hunt foxes, surely it is debatable. It will be written in pros and cons.

6. Gift Cards Give Advantages and Disadvantages. Gift card is another example of discussion text. Because it explores the advantageous side and disadvantageous one.

Those are discussion texts with 6 best examples referring to the purpose and the generic structure. Hopefully they can help you to do your assignment and encourage to read, correct, revise, and make your own discussion text.

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