Do You Know Why Eiffel Tower was Built? Example of Explanation Text

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Why Eiffel Tower was Built is best example of explanation text. Why this articles is started with such sentence? We know that an explanation text is written to answer 2 kinds of question. First is the question of “How” and the second is answering question “Why”.  What we have know is an example of explanation text of why Eiffel Tower was built. Let’s see! but if you need more list on explanation text samples, you can see here

Example of Explanation Text – Do You Know Why Eiffel Tower was Built?

Example of explanation text for question why

Why Eiffel Tower was built as example of explanation text

If we talk about the Wonders of the World buildings, then we will see Eiffel Tower as one of them. However many of us do not know the tower’s past history on why it was build. Everything has the reasonable background, especially for the tower which is to be one of the most recognized buildings in the world.

Primarily, the Eiffel Tower was built for the World Exhibition. It was called Paris Exposition in 1889. The exhibition was organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The purpose of building Eiffel Tower in such structure was to show to the world France’s advancement of technology and beauty. The Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel. It seemed that then the name of the tower was derived from the designer’s last name, “Eiffel”

Another reason on why the tower was built was for scientific progress. Although few realized it, the Eiffel Tower would become the prominent structure in terms of science and technology. Many experiment with temperature, pressure and pendulums were performed atop the unique famous building. Additionally the Eiffel Tower was used for radio transmission tower. Many experiments were conducted atop the Eiffel Tower for radio transmission advancement. Once the Eiffel Tower was proposed to be demolished but it was spared because the tower had the promising future as a radio tower.

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Generic Structure of Explanation Text

The best discourse on how and what is explanation text is answering the question word “how” and “why”. Such question words need detail explanation on it relates. However, explanation text is written in narrative style and not instructional. If it is written for the purpose of instruction, then the text genre will be labeled as PROCEDURE.

From the above example of explanation text, we see that it has the generic structure as follow:

  • General Statement; the introduction of the passage on why the Eiffel Tower was built.
  • Sequenced Explanation; this is the main element of explanation text. This explanation is explored to answer the “why” or “how” question introduced in the general statement. From the example above, the text was written to explain why, not how, the Eiffel Tower was built. Then it elaborates the reasons. First is for the show case and the second is for scientific and technological purposes.