Download Listening Materials: Audio + Script PDF

Learning English is just a matter of custom.  If we often listen, speak English, we will listen accurately and speak fluently. In this way, ESL learners need a lot of materials to listen as often as possible. Fortunately there are a lot of source to download free, The listening materials with audio MP3 plus script in PDF file to encourage us listening English more.

The materials which are free to download are in several topic. That is good as we can use them as the natural source of listening section. The topics are such as:
Download free listening English materials MP3Lecture of the Airbus
Problem of alcohol abuse
The increasing allergies
The rise of the amateur
Lecture on cinema and politics
Cause and effect of climate change
Developing creativity
Preventing crimes
Describing cultural Heritage
Lecture on world music, and many more topics

All of these topic are recorded in MP3 file with good quality, They are also provided with the script in PDF file. If you wan to download free these listening materials with various topics, you can see BBC

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