Example of Descriptive Text: City of Rome

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Example of descriptive text – Again FreeEngishCourse.info help you to learn how a descriptive text is arranged from paragraphs into meaningful describing text. Last article is a descriptive text about City of Venice. Now it is about another place, Rome Italy. The generic structure of descriptive writing genre is Identification and followed by Description which shows some aspects of the object being described. Remember, a descriptive text is usually slightly similar to a report text. Students are always reminded that actually text types of descriptive is different from report.
When we talk about descriptive text types, we mean to to talk about a specific thing. The objects which are commonly described are a place, thing, and a person. Now let’s see the following example of descriptive text about place.

Example of Descriptive Text with its Generic Structure Analysis

Example of Descriptive Text: The City of Rome

Example of descriptive text with its generic tructure - City of Rome

Example of Descriptive Text – City of Rome

Italy has some famous cities. One of them is Rome. It is a very historical city. If you visit Rome, you will have plenty of chances to see all sorts of great sights.
Rome can be traced through its mythology when it was founded on . It was said that  twins of Romulus and Remus has founded the city in 753 BC, on the date of April 21st. This  corresponds fairly closely to archeological evidence, which shows farming communities in the area. As the Catholic Church grew, Rome became more and more important in both religion and politics.
Rome was one of the central leading cities in the Renaissance. It is seen when visitors walk through the streets and see the various buildings. The style was profoundly affected by the work of the artists of the time. Visitors can see evidence of all sorts of artistic influences, such as the Baroque palaces, the huge squares and obelisks, and other structures throughout the city.
Rome is well known for its architecture. The colosseum is one sample of famous Roman structures. It was once a grand, ground-breaking amphitheatre, and was at the forefront of architectural advancements in 70 AD. Since then it has fallen apart slightly, but it still an astounding and imposing structure.
Modern Rome is a very busy place to go. It is considered a cultural center for the region, and offers all the arts in various forms. It has a thriving music scene, with several major concert halls. Rome puts out a lot of movies every year, more so than any other region of Italy. It is home to Cinecittà studios, the biggest facility in Europe.

Note on Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

Generic Structure Details
Identification The text above is clearly about a specific place, Rome, an ancient City from Italy.
Description First part which is described is Rome historical background. It was founded in 753 BC. Second description is about Rome’s role in Renaissance age. Then it is described through it famous architectural buildings. The last part is about its role in modern age.

That’s all about this example of descriptive text. It is a place, city of Rome. For more examples, you can read my collection of the best descriptive text besides other kinds of genres.

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