Example of Descriptive Text About Place: Venice

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Example of descriptive text Venice – Before continuing reading the sample, do you still remember what is this text types? FreeEnglishCourse has brought to you the simple definition of descriptive text. Descriptive is a writing style which tries to portray a thing, place, or person in a written material. Next post we will an example of descriptive text about Rome.

Relating to study text types in English, it is closely related to report text. Both are to describe an object which readers can view it as they see the object by themselves. However there is a difference between report and descriptive text. For report, the object described is in general term. It can belong a certain class, group, or species. On the other hand a descriptive text is stating specifically a certain object. To make it clear, let’s see another example of descriptive text!

Descriptive Text About Place: Venice

example of descriptive text with generic structure - Venice

Example of Descriptive Text – Venice

One of the famous city in Italy is Venice. It get its popularity because Venice is a rich and interesting city. It has a lot of history documentations and offers a lot  of attractive things to visitors.
Venice has been established over 2000 years ago when waves of barbarians drove people out of their homes in various Roman cities. Around years 800-1100 AD, Venice underwent a period of growth, and became more centralized. It gradually developed into a city state, which is essentially a self-governed region of a country that trades freely among others.
As Venice gradually developed, it became a prominent player in the sea trade of the time. It was set upon by many different threats. Pirates became the hugest problem. Fewer and fewer shipments were making it through the treacherous water. It happened when the Republic of Venice decided to move the operations to the eastern shores.
When we think of Venice, the first thing which comes to mind are canals. They are considered the trademark of the city. Canals are mostly recognizable for providing the main form of transportation throughout the city. Visiting Venice brings a rich aura of history and culture. Floating through the canals for an afternoon makes for a memorable experience, and it’s one that any traveler commonly enjoy.

Do you know why the text above can be considered as an example of descriptive text? Well to make it sure, the easy way is to check the generic structure. Remember that every descriptive text should be arranged in paragraphs of classification or identification and followed by descriptions. Now let’s see this structure in detail:

Generic Sructure


Identification Clearly it states and specifies a city of Venice, not other places.
Description After stating what is being described, now it comes to the description of the city. From the text above, we see that Venice is describe from the historical background first. After that it goes to its role in world trade in the ancient time. The description is ended with the the portraying of canals in Venice.

That is is about this example of descriptive text about Venice. A descriptive text can be a thing, person or place in specific way. Well, happy learning English text!

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