Example of Dialog about Agreement and Disagreement

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The previous post about the list in example of discussion texts is quite famous. The list of discussion text will be completely benefit if it is strengthened by the example of dialog about agreement and disagreement. Some keywords in “agree and disagree” which are commonly used was posted in how to express agreement and disagreement.
Expressing agreement and disagreement is closely related to discussion text as it explores an issue from different points of view. This types of text is labeled as pros and cons text. What pros and cons are will be explained next post
Here is the following sample of very short dialog consisting agreement and disagreement

Disagree in Dialog:
John: Hey what do u think about this movie?
Zedo: I think this movie is really good.
John: I don’t think so. This movie is so boring that I sleep while watch it. The plot is flat and there is not any suspense in the story. I like watching film but this time I disagree with you

Agree in Dialog:
Ati: Hey, Look at my new Ring , isn’t it cool??
Bis: Yeah, I absolutely agree with you, your ring is so cool. It perfectly matches with your finger. It must be a very expensive ring.

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