Example of Dialog: Making Appointment in English

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FreeEnglishCourse.Info – This is another post of making appointment or arrangement to meet someone. Two previous discussions; common phrases of making appointment and video learning of making appointment are helpful if they are completed with some example of dialog that consist of making appointment. The following is the phone call between patient and clinic, it is about making appointment. This sample of dialog in making appointment is taken from literacynet.org. Study the phone conversation bellow!

Dialog SampleĀ  – Making Appointment By Phone

how to make appointment in Eglish by phone

Making appointment by phone

Clinic: Hello,
Patient: I’d like to make an appointment for a check-up.
Clinic: Have you been here before?
Patient: No, I haven’t.
Clinic: We have an opening on Friday, October 12th at 3 o’clock.
Patient: I’m sorry, I work on Friday’s. Do you have any appointments available on Monday or Wednesdays?
Clinic: Our first Monday appointment would be October 22nd at 9 in the morning. Could you make that?
Patient: Yes, that would be fine.
Clinic: What is your name?
Patient: Luci Garcia.
Clinic: What is your phone number?
Patient: 764-2110.
Clinic: Is that the 206 area code?
Patient: Yes, that’s right.
Clinic: What is your date of birth?
Patient: 10/13/63.
Clinic: How will you be paying for this appointment? Do you have health insurance or medical coupons?
Patient: No, I don’t. Can you tell me what the charge would be for this visit?
Clinic: We charge by sliding scale. You will need to bring your last 2 pay-stubs, an ID, and a 10$ deposit. Please come 1/2 hour before the time of your appointment to fill out a medical history.
Patient: OK. I will do that.
Clinic: OK. I’ve noted that on the schedule. We will see you on Monday, October 22nd at 9 for a physical check-up. Plan on spending about 1 hour at the clinic.
Patient: Thank you. Good-bye.
Clinic: Good-bye.

What we are learning in this making appointment session is some common phrases used for suggesting date, phrases for receiving or rejecting the date, opening and closing statement in making appointment in English.

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