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The Pros and Cons of School Uniform As Example of Discussion Text
School uniforms are dress codes that are determined by the teaching institutions and students has to follow the designed code obediently everyday. Many people believe that school uniforms should be applied but the others don’t.

example of discusion text in pros and cons of school uniform

Example of discussion text about school uniform

Uniforms have various advantages for both the family and the child. A united school apparel can relief a financial stress of the backs of many families. As kids tend to compete and imitate each other, the race of following new trends in fashion or, providing different attire for every school day is considered a financial burden, not every family can afford it.

Additionally, a uniform creates a sense of equality between all pupils. Young kids tend to judge others according to their look and what they wear. Uniting their school attire will draw their attention to other criteria and, the only advantage of one student over another would be personality, academic achievement or being good at sports.

On the other hand, as repetition can lead to boredom, children can get frustrated of wearing same thing to school every day. Also, prevent their first steps of individuality by taking away their right to choose what to wear on their own free well.

In conclusion, I believe uniforms aren’t meant to suppress the creativity or freedom of children. It helps redirecting kids’ creativity towards more important things than outer look, and waive financial burden of their families.

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