Free IELTS listening Practice with Several Topics

The exam of IELTS is taken for non English speaker. ALL examinees will hope the got the highest successful score. To achieve that dream, practicing to listening again and again through several methods is very recommended. We all know that language is mostly about the matter of habitual activity. It means that the more we listen, the more we get improving our listening skill

This IELTS listening practice activities is presented in several unique topics. The topics are organized through different situation such as work problem, weather report, student interview, ordering pizza,language school,in a post office, helpline,difficulties of having cars, banking, at train station, a robbery, house explosion.

You can practice with that different situation more and more to get best result in English listening test, such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and listening section for National examination. If you want to proceed that listening IELTS test, you can go to this site