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Getting English examination students of vocational schools (SMK) will get Listening Section Test which is given based on TOEIC exam. The test is divided into 4 parts. They are:
1. Listening test in picture or photograph, to get exercise, click here
2. Listening test in questions and response, to get exercise, see here
3. Listening test in short conversations, to get exercise, see here
4. Listening test in short talk (monologue), to get exercise. It is what we are practicing the test now
The four parts of the listening test have different instruction so be careful before choosing the answer for each parts. Now let’s begin our exercise in listening English!

Listening English Test TOEIC SMK: Short-Talk

Petunjuk latihan listening test short talk:
Test listening dalam bentuk short talk atau monologue adalah bagian terakhir dalam listening section. Test ini diberikan dalam bentuk beberapa monolog yang harus didengar. 1 short talk biasanya diikuti 2 atau 3 pertanyaan. Untuk memulai berlatih dengarkan audio nya dengan seksama kemudian baca pertanyaan dalam soal dan pilih 1 jawaban terbaik dari 4 alternative yang diberikan.

A. Contoh soal listening procedure / how to do (operate) things
Bahan untuk latihan listening English yang sering dipakai dalam ketgory short-talk atau monologue adalah teks instruction atau jenis teks procedure . Makanya memahami listening tentang Describing Process ini perlu sekali tahu tentang Imperative Sentences.

Listening Test: Short-Talk of Procedure 1
Monolog audio MP3 berikut adalah untuk latihana listening nomor 1 dan 2

[rapid_quiz question=”What is the text about?” answer=”Installing additional software from a CD or DVD” options=”Inserting the letters into the drive|Installing additional software from a CD or DVD|Following the company’s order|Restarting the computer monitor” notes=””]
[rapid_quiz question=”When do we start following the on-screen instructions?” answer=”When the installation wizard opens” options=”When the disc is inserted into the drive|When we turn on the computer|When the installation wizard opens|When we turn off the computer” notes=””]

Listening Test: Short-Talk of Procedure 2
Monolog – short talk MP3 berikut adalah untuk latihan No. 3 dan 4

[rapid_quiz question=”What process did the speaker describe?” answer=”How to make a simple dessert” options=”How to stir the eggs|How to melt the sugar|How to choose good eggs|How to make a simple dessert” notes=””]
[rapid_quiz question=”What process did the speaker describe?” answer=”Steaming the mixture” options=”What process did the speaker describe?|Steaming the mixture|Melting some sugar|Pouring the milk.” notes=””]

B. Contoh soal listening Announcement dan Advertisement
Announcement atau pengumuman dalam bahasa Inggris sering digunakan sebagi tolak ukur sejauh mana pelajar mampu memahami listening English. Disamping Announcement,topik Advertisement juga sering dijadikan sebagai bahan test listening bahasa Inggris. Ingat Advertisement adalah bertujuan untuk memepengaruhi audience, karenanya akan sangat bagus kalau kita juga punya pengetahuan yang bagus tentang jenis text hortatory exposition.

Listening Test Short Talk: Announcement
Monolog – short talk MP3 berikut untuk No. 5 dan 6

[rapid_quiz question=”What change has been announced?” answer=”The gate number” options=”The flight number|The gate number|The arrival time|The boarding pass” notes=””]
[rapid_quiz question=”What is the current weather condition?” answer=”It’s icy” options=”It’s raining|It’s cloudy|It’s windy|It’s icy” notes=””]

Listening Test Short Talk: Radio Commercial
Short-talk (monolog) berikut untuk latihan listening No 7 dan 8

[rapid_quiz question=”What can be inferred about this product?” answer=”Anita’s cakes can be made to suit special occasions” options=”Anita’s cakes can be made to suit special occasions|Anita’s cakes are available 24 hours a day|The product is offered by Anita|The product is sold at the office” notes=””]
[rapid_quiz question=”What can Anita ‘s cake provide for early morning meetings?” answer=”Coffee rolls and donuts” options=”Coffee rolls and donuts|Pies and cakes|Donuts and pies|Coffee and tea” notes=””]

Listening Test Short Talk: Advertisement
Monolog MP3 berikut untuk latihan No 9 dan 10

[rapid_quiz question=”What product is being advertised?” answer=”A refrigerator” options=”A vegetable drawer|A refrigerator|A compartment|A compressor” notes=””]
[rapid_quiz question=”What is given as the bonus for buying the product?” answer=”A towel” options=”A towel|A napkin|A plastic bag|An ice tray” notes=””]
That is the last part of  listening section test which is given based on TOEIC ( test of English as international communication). No easier way to learn English listening but practicing more and more.

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