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Funny news item example as cows crashed party – Funny thing is in a news items text. Don’t you believe it? Ehm you can, as funny story commonly belongs to spoof text. Today we have a very special news item text. It is about  funny news when a group of cows crashed a party. Cows intrude to a party event? That’s really funny. Let’s see the following example of a news item text. This news item is really unusual and funny.
Cows Crashed a Party – Funny News Item Example

example of funny news item about cows crashed party

Funny News Item Cows Crashed Party

BOXFORD, Mass. – Six cows crashed a party in Massachusetts and stole the beer, police said.
The cows escaped from a nearby farm and headed straight to the graduation party. One of the attendees called 911. The homeowner told his daughter the revelry had gone too far. “She came inside and said, ‘Dad there’s a cow outside,’” Kevin Spencer said. “And I says, ‘That’s it. Party’s over.’”
Police said the cows were actually drinking the beer left on the picnic table. “They enjoyed it. They went right for the beer,” Lt James Riter said. “When one was done they’d knock another one over and take care of that beer.” Officers steered the cows back to their farm.
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Generic Structure on Funny News Item Text on Cows crashed a Party
1. Newsworthy event: A group of cows crashed a party in Massachusetts
2. Series of Events: Cows escaped from a farm. The cows went to graduation party. The party is in Kevin Spencer’s house. The cows dank in that party.
3. Sources: Police said that they brought back the cows to the farm