Giving – Expressing Opinion in English

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How to give opinion in English? How to express your opinion in English. That are our topic today. Expressing opinion can not be avoided if we are involved with daily communication.

sample expression to show opinion

How to give and express opinion in English

At work, in school, in street, even at home we often show our opinion about certain issue. Expressing opinion can use the following keywords:

In my opinion….
As far as I concerned….
It is considered that…
According to…..

Using such keywords above can help easily to express certain opinion. The following example are very simple sentences to show opinion. Take a look!

In my opinion, learning English is difficult
As far as I concerned English is easy to learn
It is considered that English is not difficult to learn

To help you understand this topic easily, I find video tutorial on how to give and express opinion in English, watch it!

It is very recommended to master this way showing opinion first before we learn some argumentative texts, such as analytical exposition, hortatory text and discussion text. The three kinds of text in English genres are mainly how to express your stance, what the supporting arguments are, and why the others are not. All of them can be made if we have an ability to give and express our opinion.