Giving Instruction in English

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Learning English speaking – How to write and speak at giving instruction in English? Instruction can be command or order. The very basic way to give instruction can be done through imperative sentences. How to make an imperative sentence in English. Imperative sentences are easily made by omitting the subject of the second person “you” and the first plural persons “We/us”. Take a look at the simple sample below!

How You go to the market is an affirmative sentence
Go to the market! is an imperative sentence

In short, making some very basic instructions is by adding the Infinitive verb in the first order of the sentences.

giving instruction for pedistrian

Sample of pedestrian sign at giving instruction

Below is basic Instruction by using Imperative sentences in English:
Go to the market!
Open the Door!
Take care!
Listen to me!
Be quite!
Be honest!
Be careful!
Be diligent!

We can add the word “please” and “Let’s” to make the instruction sound more polite, request sounds
Open the door please!
Turn the lamp please
Please be quite!
Please be ready!
Let’s go to office
Let’s bring the equipments
Let’s share the opinion

Alternatively we can use modals such as can, could, will, would. Study the following examples
Can you meet tomorrow?
Could you make me some coffee?
Will you open the door please?
Would you wait me here a moment?

Additionally to make the instruction sounds more more polite, we can use phrases of introductory
Would you like to turn on the fan? It’s hot
Would you mind lending me your bicycle?
Would you like to help me?
Would you mind helping me to do this English assignment?

Relating to procedure texts, we can use some sequencing words to make instruction. Study the following samples:
firstly, clean the rice
Secondly, turn on the stove
Then, stir it

I find very clear and interesting video learning about making command and instruction. Watch it

Again we must keep in mind that mastering at giving instruction in English depends on how good our understanding at making imperative sentences. So keep learning grammar and structure! Of course, practicing it in daily conversation is very recommended.

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