How Fuel Light Works; Example Of Explanation Text

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Are you still enjoying learning English? Or do you have any school homework related text type? Don’t worry because now is bringing you an example of explanation text. What is it about?
Explanation text is one of text types which students should learn while going to high schools. Explanation text is a text which explains and describes how a thing is formed or why a thing is happened. In short when we read about written answers for questions of “why” and “How”, actually we read an example of explanation text. Now let’s see the following sample!

How Fuel Light Works; Example Of Explanation Text

how fuel light works is best example of expalantion text

Fuel Light Working – Explanation Text

Many cars, motorcycles and other modern vehicles have fuel warning light devices. the warning light is usually red which switches on automatically when the level of fuel in the tank is very low. The warning light gives the driver information about the amount of petrol in the tank. When the light switches on red, it tells the driver that the petrol in the tank is almost empty. Therefore he have to put more fuel into the tank. However do you know how the fuel warning works?
Well this is the way the fuel warning light work and gives the driver information about the accurate amount of the petrol in the tank. When the level of the fuel falls, the float inside the tank moves downwards. When this condition happens, the arm also moves downwards and it make the lever touch an electrical contact. This switches on the fuel light in the car dashboard.
The red light which appears in the fuel panel of the dashboard tells the driver that he needs more petrol for his car. When he pours more petrol into the tank, this condition makes the fuel level rise and it pushes the float upwards. In return it disconnects to the electrical contact and makes the red light switch off.

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