How to ask for and give direction in English

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When you are asked about direction such as
” How can I go to cinema?”
” Where is the nearest bank”
“Could you show me how to get the bus station?”
” Is it the right way to go to University?”
You can answer with the following expression. This expressions in “giving direction” are
very useful

Expreesion for “Go for five blocks/After three blocks
“After you turn right, go for five blocks and turn left. It will be right around the corner.”
“After three blocks, turn left. You will see it on your right hand side.”
“Go for four blocks and then turn right.”

Expression for “Across the street from/Directly across
“It’s across the street from the library.”
“It’s directly across from Taco Bell.”
“Go for three blocks, turn left at the next light. You’ll see it across the street from McDonalds.”
“Go down the street. You’ll see it directly across from the gas station.”

Expression for “Go for 2 miles
“It’s pretty far from here. Go on Washington Street for about 2 miles. You’ll see it next to a school.”
“Turn right at the stop sign and go straight for a couple of miles. At 112th turn left. You’ll see it on your right hand side.”
“Go straight on this street for about 3 miles. You’ll see it next to Wendy’s.”
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