How to Express Stance in English

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Expressing stance is one of expression which are learnt in high school. It is usually learnt  as pre material for discuss more about exposition text; analytical or hortatory. The following expressions can be used to tell your own point of view about certain issue.

If you are in a formal situation, can use expression such as:

  • Personally I believe their opinion
  • My view of your opinion is…
  • From my point of view, your opinion is…….
  • According to the regulation, you……

If you are in an informal situation can use :

  • If you ask me, your opinion is….
  • I guess  your opinion is…..
  • You know what I think? I think……

Short Dialogue Expressing Stance
Ann: Our relationship is getting worse day by day.
Tom: It’s surprising me. I guess  You do not really mean that
Ann: I do. I exactly believe what I said
Tom: What should I hear now?
Ann: It seem that we have to go in our own way
Tom: No, no. I don’t  think you mean it
 Ann: Yes I do

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