How to Iron a Shirt , Another Example of “Procedure Text”

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How to make some thing is the best text as an example of procedure text. A procedure is an instruction to do something. Below is another example of procedure text in pressing a shirt.

How to Iron a Shirt
What you need to press a shirt are iron board, iron cover, iron, hanger, needle, thread, splint, button, handkerchief, sprayer, and dry-mat foot

The Steps of Pressing Shirt
1. Use protector for safety
2. Plug in the electricity
3. Choose the suitable temperature for the clothes material
4. Make wet the 100% cotton clothes if it is necessary
5. Start to iron the shirt from the collar, sleeve then body
6. Iron by following line if there is a fold
7. After completely done, hang the shirt
8. Check the result and do it again if it is necessary
9. After completely ironing, put back the equipments and chemicals
10. And don’t forget, clean working area

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