How to Make Suggestion and Advice in English

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The following words, phrases and expressions are used to make suggestions and give advice in English.

Using modal “should”
You should be yourself
You should got to your dentist
You should try to practice English
You shouldn’t translate too much

Using modal “ought to”
You ought to be more careful
You ought to make benefit of the Internet for learning free
You ought to read more

Using phrase “Why don’t you…”
Why don’t you study tonight?
Why don’t you join an English club?
Why don’t you clean your clothes in the washing machine?
Why don’t you try to be a freelance writer?
Why don’t you go to the mountain to see the beautiful landscape?

Using conditional sentence “If I were you, I’d…”
If I were you, I’d watch more television
If I were you. I would go to Bali
If I were you, I would take a distance learning course
If I were you, I would apply a loan from the bank