How to Write Papers – a Procedure Text

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An instruction on how to write a paper can be an example of a procedure text.  Mostly instructions are written in imperative sentences to begin each steps. lets see the following example of a procedure text on how to write papers.
First what you need before you start writing your paper is of course you had done your research. You data have been in your hands. It is your time to write and here is how to begin:
1. Decide your very interesting question. This interesting question is taken form your topic. Think your topic and choose which side is more interesting to your readers.
2. Provide the sources to answer the question. You had done your research and you can make it as the primary resource to answer your own question. Also you can try to find other researchers who have studied the field related to your topic
4. Make your paper outline. Why you need to write an outline. It is the frame of your topic. It will help you to keep writing your paper under the track. The outline can be used as the draft of the whole body of your paper
5. Make your final version of your paper. After  making the the outline of course you have to write your real paper. In this important step, what you need is writing and correcting.  You may need to revise your previous writing.
Writing papers is not very easy for certain people. If you face such critical situation, you can ask other people’s help. There are a lot of services which you can find out. Most of them provide custom writing service to match your paper. So just try and keep calm!