Improving English Listening Skill by Watching Movie Clips

Besides listening to music, watching movie clips can greatly help us to improve our listening skill. As we all know that listening is one of four major competence skills which should be mastered by ESL students who want to succeed in their examination.
Most examinations  in English include listening test. The exam can be TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and UN (National Exam) for senior and vocational high school. Mostly the parts of listening test cover picture test, question and response test, short conversation test, and monolog test.
By exercising to listen to English words and phrases, our English listening will gradually increase. Movie represent the actual and daily activities. The dialog and the monolog from the actors and actress in the movie seem to be very similar  to the conversation of our real daily activities. Watching paying attention closely to the dialog among the actors will make us feel familiar with the Englishman’s conversation.
Due to the advantages of watching movies for improving our English listening, I have looked for and found very useful source for watching movie clips and exercising our English listening. Learning through media such as movies, music, etc again is one of the best ways to learn new words, phrMovie clips to improve English listening skillases, and expression. Clips are also followed with some question with multiple choice answer. It is great to exercise how well we understand the dialog and conversation in the movie. So the clips of the movie will improve our listening comprehension skills, helping us to learn and practice English as is is spoken by normal people every day in English speaking countries. The good thing is these particular clips are taken from recent movies. If you want improve your listening skill as well watching new movie clips, got to the site