Kinds of Narrative

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A narrative is a story that is created in constructive form. A narrative is commonly found in fiction. That is why we often see a narrative as a story. We have to keep in mind that every narrative should consist at least one complication among the participants. Because most stories are explored base on the complication in the story plotting, then the stories are narrative texts.

Conto narrative text itu banyak sekali dengan adalanya internet dan media digital

Dunia digital semakin memudahkan mencari tuga contoh narrative

There are several kinds of narrative form. These kinds are based on the story types.  The types of narratives are:
A. fable: Simple fable is a story about animal which behave like human
B. myths: stories that are believed by some people but the stories can not be true. It was told in an ancient culture to explain a practice, belief, or natural occurrence
C. legend: It simple a story which relates to on  how a place is formed
D. fairy tales:Story which relate much which magic things
E. science fiction story: Story which explore the science as the background or plot of the whole story
F. short stories: Story fo one or two pages
G. parables: Story that illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles. Parable differs from a fable.
H. novels: Long even very long and complex story
I. horror story: A story with horror contents
J. Etc, can you give us some more narrative texts? Feel free to havecommets!

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