Kumpulan Contoh Conditional Sentence Bahasa Inggris

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Belajar bahasa Inggris kali ini kita berikan kumpulan contoh conditional sentence bahasa Inggris yang banyak sekali. Tahukah apa itu conditional sentences dan bagaimana cara membuatnya? Conditional sentences adalah alimat pengandaian. Kita sering berfikir atau meng-angan angankan sesuatu, seandainya, seumpama, andai saja, dll. Cara membuat kalimat pengandaian seperti itu juga gampang alias mudah. Kata mudah atau gampang itulah hal pertama yang harus kita tanamkan dalam kepala kita biar proses belajar kita tidak terbebani.

contoh penggunaan conditional sentence bahasa Inggris

Conditional sentence dan Kata romantis bahasa Inggris

Yuk kita ingat kembari rumus cara membuat kalimat conditional sentence bahasa Inggris. Ada 3 macam jenis kalimat conditional sentences, yaitu dengan rumus penggabungan tenses sebagai berikut:

Type 1: If + Simple Present Tense, Simple Present tense / Present Future Tense
Type 2: If + Simple Past Tense, Past Future Tense
Type 3: If + Past Perfect Tense, Past Future Perfect Tense

3 rumus gabungan tenses diatas kemudian akan menghasilkan kumpulan contoh conditional sentence bahasa Inggris yang sangat banyak sebagaimana berikut dibawah ini

Contoh Conditional Sentence Type I

Contoh kalimat pengandaiana type pertama ini digunakan untuk mengandaikan sesuatu tapi sesuatunya itu belom terjadi ketika disampaikan

  • If you heat water, it boils.
    If you put salt and vinegar on chips, they taste nicer.
    If you need assistance, press here.
    If you don’t come on time, you miss such a lot.
    If you feel tired, it’s a good idea to go to bed.
    If it rains, it’s good for the garden.
    If I eat too many sweets, I put on weight.
    If I get up too early, I feel tired all day.
    If I have toothache, I go to the dentist’s.
    If I feel ill, I make an appointment with my GP.
    If I read without my glasses on, I strain my eyes.
    If the number 54 is late, the next bus is the 56.
    If school finishes early, I usually go to my friend’s house.
    If the post comes on time, I look at it before I go to work.
    If you spill coffee on my laptop, it doesn’t agree with it!
    Soap dissolves if you leave it in water.
    Plants die if you don’t water them.
    Milk goes off if you don’t keep it in a cool place.
    Ask the teacher if you don’t understand.
    I don’t mind if you want to use the car.
    Children get upset if they’re being bullied.
    Stamps can be good fun if you enjoy collecting things.
    It can be hard to access the web if you don’t have a PC at home.
    The heater comes on if you press this switch.
    Pasta tastes awful if you let it boil for too long.
    I can go early on Fridays if I ask my manager’s permission.
    I usually like listening to the radio if Julie has it on.
    My mind goes blank if you put me on the spot.
    The car runs like a dream if you service it regularly.
    Dogs really like it if you walk them regularly.

Contoh Conditional Sentence Type II

Type kedua berikut digunakan ketka kita peingin menghayalakan sesuatu yang sebailiknya dengan kejadian yang sekarang

  • If I were you, I’d get my hair cut.
    If I had the time, I’d take up golf.
    If I saw you more often, we could get to know each other better.
    If I lost my wallet, I’d report it at the police station.
    If I met Michael Jordan, I’d ask him for his autograph.
    If I won the lottery, I’d buy a house for my brother.
    If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d start my own business.
    If my friend were here, you could meet him.
    If I drank too much, I’d be sure to make a fool of myself.
    If I studied more often, I might get better grades.
    If I woke up at nine am, I’d be late for work.
    If I entered the competition, I wouldn’t do very well.
    If I played football for England, they wouldn’t keep losing!
    If I saw my children smoking, I’d be really angry with them.
    If I came to class early, I could finish my homework.
    If I bought a video recorder, I wouldn’t miss my favourite soap.
    If I wore that red dress, they would all notice me.
    If I left it up to you, we wouldn’t get anything done.
    If I had a word-processing package, I could type up my reports.
    If I were twenty years’ younger, I’d marry her!
    If I needed help, I would ask you.
    If I moved to Canada, I could get a good job out there.
    If we took part in the quiz, we might win it.
    If we saw that film, you wouldn’t enjoy it.
    If the computer crashed, you’d lose all your unsaved work.
    If our boat got lost, we’d have to call for help.
    If I told her that I’m a vegetarian, she’d be surprised.
    If my washing machine broke, I’d get it mended.
    If I had a heart attack, I might die.
    If I were Prime Minister, I’d privatise the NHS.

Contoh Conditional Sentence Type III

Type yang ketiga berikut digunakan untuk menyesali sesuatu yang sudah terjadi dan mengandaikan sesuatu itu sebaliknya

  • If you’d eaten your dinner, you wouldn’t have been hungry.
    If I’d married Harry, we would have been happy.
    If I’d sold my car to you, you’d have got a bargain.
    If you’d attended every lesson, you’d have passed that exam easily.
    If it’d been sunny yesterday, we would’ve gone to the beach.
    If I’d told you about Chantal, you wouldn’t have believed me.
    If we’d read the map properly, we wouldn’t have got lost.
    If you’d asked her, she could’ve come as well.
    If I’d won the lottery, I wouldn’t be shopping in charity shops!
    If you’d eaten all of your main course, you could’ve had some dessert.
    If I’d had the chance, I would have gone to university.
    If I’d had your phone number, I could’ve called you.
    If I’d asked the doctor, she would’ve advised me on what to do.
    If I’d lent you my lawnmower, you would have broken it.
    If I’d watched that programme, I would’ve been bored stiff.
    If I’d had the salmon, I might have got food poisoning.
    If I’d gone to the interview, I might have got the job.
    If they’d scored another goal, they would’ve won.
    If I’d found some money, I would’ve handed it in.
    If I’d taken a taxi, I would have been there by now.
    If I’d thrown away your magazine, you would’ve been annoyed.
    If I’d gone on the trip to London, I would’ve visited Hyde Park.
    If I’d eaten your chocolates, I would’ve felt a bit guilty.
    If I’d known it was your birthday, I would’ve got you a present.
    If we didn’t remember which room it was, we could’ve asked Stephen.
    If the train had been late, we would’ve missed our appointment.
    If I’d had the courage, I would’ve confronted her.
    If I’d opened the shop on Sundays, I would’ve compromised my beliefs.
    If you’d been here earlier, you could have had a free drink.
    If my shirt had been dry, I could have put it on.

Gimana? Cukup banyakkan kumpulan contoh conditional sentence bahasa Inggris dari type 1 sampai 3 ini?. Harapannya kita semakin mengerti apa dan bagaimana kalimat conditional (pengandaian) itu. Happy learning English.

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