Listening English: Short Conversation Audio Files

Short conversation test is one of 4 parts in English test of national exam for SMK. Practicing more and more in short conversation will increase students skill in listening comprehension.

The test in listening short conversation in part 4 seem difficult for many student of SMK. They are instructed to listen carefully some short conversations and after that student need to read the questions following. Each question will be followed by 4 answers. Student must choose 1 which is best answer for each question. The key to have the right answer is then understanding the short conversation. By listening more on various topic of short conversation will make the students familiar with English conversation

Unfortunately, the materials of learning English listening test is less than other English skills. Not all text books are provided with the audio file or MP3 to listen as resource of study. Most of them are only provide with the script of the conversation and rarely with the actual MP3 or audio file to listen.

I find very useful site which provides a lot of short conversations- with audio file to hear- and followed by some typical questions like in UN test. The Audio files, which can be download, contain 34 basic listening lesson. You can see this listening lesson of short conversation in this site