Listening Exercise Software: IELTS Listening Conqueror

Free software for English listening PracticeWe all know how hard to improve our listening skill. Practice and practice is the only way. Having exercise on listening test is commonly used to increase our listening comprehension.
To make more fun in exercising or practicing our listening skill for English listening especially English listening IELTS, I have found very useful software which can be made a lot benefit for listening practice. The software for listening exercise is the IELTS Listening Conqueror 2.0. Because it is a conmputer program,  you need to install the IELTS Listening  software on a computer. The IELTS listening software program gives you to run 4 full listening tests for free. The best thing is you will see the transcript while you are listening. The transcript of the listening material is displayed sentence by sentence.
IELTS listening software also provide you with the method of dictation. You can type certain sentence and try to listen it. The speed of spoken can be adjusted. More over you repeat every phrase or sentence as many times as you like. The sound recorded quality is not bad. If you want to try this useful listening software, you can download here