Listening Test "Short Talk – Monologue"

Short monologue or short talk is one of the other parts which is tested in listening section. This part of listening test is slightly bit difficult as it leads us to listen and understand the whole idea to be able to choose the right answer. However getting exercise more in “short talk-monologue” can help us to understanding on how a short talk or short monologue is tested. The following is the material of short talk-short monologue which is commonly tested in listening section test.
The topic of the short talk monologue can vary; direction, speech, recipe, instruction and advertisement. Click the icon play to hear the MP3 audio file, or if you want to download this file, the link is provide in the end of the test.

In your test book, you will read two or more questions about each short talk. Each question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet.

1. What is the direction about?
a. inserting the letter into the drive
b. installing additional software from CD or DVD
c. following the company’s direction
d. restating the computer monitor

2. What does possibly happen after inserting the disc into the optical driver?
a. The installation wizard opens
b. The computer starts
c. Burning the CD
d. The screen appears brighter

3. When do we start following the on-screen instruction?
a. When the disc is inserted into the drive
b. When we turn on the computer
c. When the installation wizard opens
d. When we turn on the computer

4. What instruction does speaker talk about?
a. Choosing good eggs
b. Stirring the eggs
c. Melting sugar
d. Making simple desert

5. What is the first step in making that pudding?
a. Melting 100 grams sugar
b. Mixing eggs
c. Stirring eggs using fork
d. Pouring into the dish

6. What is the dessert for?
a. Breakfast meal
b. Party food
c. Exercise food
d. Lunch meal

7. What does it advertise?
a. Air conditioner
b. Compressor
c. Generator set
d. Refrigerator

8. How many colours are available for the product?
a. Two colours
b. Three colours
c. Four colours
d. No colour choice

9. What will we get as a bonus if we buy the product?
a. Napkin
b. Plastic bag
c. Ice tray
d. Embroidered towel

LISTEN CAREFULLY (No 10, 11, 12)
10. What can Anita’ cake provide for early morning meeting?
a. Pie and cake
b. Donuts and pies
c. Coffee roles and donuts
d. Coffee and tea

11. Which statement is true according to the advertisement?
a. Anita’s cake can be delivered
b. It can be called for order after 3:00 pm
c. The cake is only for office occasions
d. The order is not available in the morning

12. What time does coffee role and donut suit for?
a. Lunch time
b. Dinner time
c. Morning meeting
d. Evening meeting

LISTEN CAREFULLY (No 13, 14, 15)
13. What change has been announced?
a. The flight number
b. The arrival time
c. The flight number
d. The gate number

14. What is the weather condition?
a. It is cloudy
b. It is windy
c. It is icy
d. It is dry

15. Where does the flight go?
a. Atlanta
b. Caracas
c. Miami
d. Texas

LISTEN CAREFULLY (No 16, 17, 18)
16. What is the speech’s purpose?
a. The marketing of fruit and vegetable
b. To strengthen the team work
c. Meeting of company’s direction
d. To welcome the staff

17. How many days will it last?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Five

18. Why do they deserve extra bonuses?
a. because they have attended the convention
b. because they are solid team work
c. because they have worked hard
d. because they are important
This is the link where you can download free for MP3 in “short talk – short monologue”. After download you can hear the listening test MP3 offline